THE LEGACY GENERATION was created by Rick Robison (Grandpa Rick”)...for every lover of freedom, but especially for America’s families.

In his own words:

“I was trained at an early age by patriotic, military and police-supporting, freedom-loving parents, and later recruited by the U.S. Government during the Reagan Era, to spot, assess, and counter genuine threats to our beloved nation. Those threats are here. They have crept mostly unnoticed into our once great American institutions.

I am convinced, now more than ever, that liberty-loving Americans, and especially this upcoming generation–America’s Legacy Generation–must rise each day living and speaking Truth. The increasing scarcity of truth is (purposely) killing the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave.” 

To do this more effectively we have researched and created the “100 HONORED HEROES LEGACY,” as contained within the FAMILY FREEDOM MANUAL Series (Vols 1-4). To teach our children the truth about this great nation and its Founders, explorers, religious leaders, entrepreneurs, scientists, warriors, and so much more.

Rick also warns: “Far worse for America, we are but a single generation from a nation where CHRIST has been cancelled. Our genuine history once taught that America is a nation of miracles, and a nation of heroes.”

To counter this building evil, we’ve created THE LEGACY GENERATION, which provides a variety of Touchstone Educational Resources now available, including (1) the FAMILY FREEDOM MANUAL series (Volumes 1-4) (Volume 5 will soon be available!), (2) The Legacy Generation’s YOUTUBE VIDEO LIBRARY, and (3) AMERIKAAN DESOLATORS, an inspirational novel series portraying what “Amerika” might look like if we had never known Christ. In reality, a Secular-Progressive hellish dystopia, lived by larger than life characters you will never forget.

President Reagan could see what has overcome us: “The day when parents and grandparents would whisper to their children (out of fear of official reprisal) of what it was once like in America…when men were free.” 

“Grandpa Rick” concludes: “Don’t surrender without a fight. Generations of Americans yet unborn are looking to us for rescue from the deadly abyss of secular, anti-American, liberty-killing cultural-Marxism now washing over our beloved land from sea to shining sea.”

“Now is the time for America’s Freedom-loving Youth to stand and, peacefully, faithfully, let your courage shine forth, a Divine Ensign of Truth to a struggling, deceived world!”

To those scheming to “deconstruct” America, ye shall not pass!

Tragically, we are losing this fight. 


Partly because our youth are going off to school and university not sufficiently steeled against the secular-progressive “woke” cultural narrative (the Left’s secular “religion”) which teaches the lie that Americans are “systemically racist”! That we are hopelessly evil, that we are a “neo-colonial,” imperialist power.” That Americans committed “genocide” against indigenous peoples, enslaved others, and are therefore “irredeemable(in the words of Hillary Clinton, and other leading Leftists).

Finally, the Left knows it must attack and destroy the Traditional Family, which stands like a mighty fortress in their way.

See Black Lives Matter’s own game plan to eliminate the Traditional Family, in their own words, as quoted in the Family Freedom Manual from BLM’s own website (which they’ve now scrubbed, in a panic!)

As C.S. Lewis, and others warn, today’s Christian Youth are living on the blade of a knife, smack-dab in the middle of enemy-occupied territory!

More than ever, we need a LEGACY GENERATION  with the courage to stand. 

For America’s true story is worthy and enlightening. The most important historical accounts (found within the FAMILY FREEDOM MANUAL’s series 700-plus pages, in FULL COLOR) are those testifying of America’s faith and courage, stories of 100 HEROES that prove that America is good. And because she is good, is worthy of our love and respect

Please, join with us and help turn the tide on this secular-progressive nightmare washing over our beloved nation.

Thank you, and God Bless Our “Heaven-Rescued Land”! (words from our sacred National Anthem’s rarely sung, yet critical, Fourth Verse.)

—Grandpa Rick (my favorite title!)

“Hope of Israel, Zion’s Army, Children of the Promised Day” 

America’s Youth will, in the end, decide the fate of this once great Republic…


Our purpose is straightforward: To strengthen the Christian faith and love of country in the hearts and minds of our children and grandchildren, ‘The Hope of Israel’ (from the popular hymn).

We do this by teaching and testifying of the Gospel, and America’s genuine goodness, in fascinating, true stories of America’s past, and present, highlighting our history-changing heroes, and in a format (stories, adventures, learning games, history made fun) something for each member of the family!